In pursuit of comfort and relaxation, we provide various facilities and services.
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In-house facilities



We have a wide range of products, from local marine products to hotel original products.

Operating hours
1st floor

In-house service

Beauty treatment room

Beauty treatment room

Moisturizing with the blessings of the sea to mind and body warmed up in hot springs

Operating hours
18:00~23:00 ※Advance reservation system
Luxurious course combining facial treatment and body treatment. Refreshing your whole body with a synergistic effect!
・Total Care Course: 13,200 Yen/60 minutes, 16,500 Yen/80 minutes, 19,800 Yen/100 minutes
・Total aging care "Sppleme": 19,800 Yen/90 minutes, 24,200 Yen/120 minutes
Uses marine skin toner made in France. Seawater and seaweed ingredients moisten your skin, making it close to the ideal skin that is smooth.
・"Idra Continu", Bayic Moisturizing Care 12,100 Yen/60 minutes
・Sforria, organic and natural care: 13,200 Yen/60 minutes
・Special aging care "Sppleim": 15,400 Yen/60 minutes
Carefully treats the body with mineral components of seawater. Relieving accumulated fatigue and muscle tension with relaxed esthetic tech massage!
・Body relaxation: 12,100 Yen/60 minutes, 15,400 Yen/80 minutes
・Silky treatment: 13,200 Yen/60 minutes
・Booshofan Strategies: 13,200 Yen/60 minutes, 15,400 Yen/80 minutes
※The charges include consumption tax and service charges.
※For the time being, "Esthetic Room" will be open on a full reservation system.
※When making a reservation, we may not be able to meet your desired date and time. Please understand.
Check-in and check-out

Check-in and check-out

Check-out/11: 00
Wi-Fi Free Connection Service

Wi-Fi Free Connection Service

You can use the Wi-Fi free access service on the building floor. Please enjoy the comfortable Internet according to your needs, such as SIGHTSEEING・ACTIVITIES, weather, and mail check.