Jigokumushi Art Studio Kannawa

Hell steamboats, iron wheel Grand Mercure Beppu Bay Resort & Spa [Official]

"Jigoku steambow Iron Wheel" is a facility where you can experience the traditional cooking method "Hell steamed cuisine" that has been used since the Edo period, using a hot spring fumarole with 98 degrees Celsius and 100% geothermal energy. It's fun to put in and out ingredients and try seasonings while bathing in the whole body.
In addition, the hot spring cooling equipment monuments "Yure Idaki" and "Drinking hot water", and the adjacent pocket park is fully equipped with "foot steam" and "footbath" that can be used by wheelchair users.

Basic Information

5, Furomoto, Beppu-shi, Oita
Facility name
Jigokumushi Art Studio Kannawa